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Prewoven Kits:

Prewoven cane or sheet cane is used when you have a piece of reed that runs all the way around the sheet of cane, called the spline. This cane is bought in a sheet and comes with a 6 foot roll of spline and 5 wedges for easy installation.

Our pre-packs are 14" X 14" or 18" X 18" (most common) but can be ordered in other sizes.
Hole size Sheet size Cost

Super Fine
Super Fine
Fine open
Fine open




14" X 14"
18" X 18"
14" X 14"
18" X 18"




Other patterns:
Closed medium
Fine Modern Radio (paper)
(used for chair backs only)
18" X 18"
18" X 26"

Other items required for prewoven:
  • Utility knife
  • Carpenter's glue
  • Hammer

Other related products for sale:
A package of 5 wedges $5.00
Extra spline (6' lengths) $5.00

We highly recommend "The Caner's Handbook" to anyone wanting to learn the craft of caning, rush, reed,rawhide,shaker tape, danish cord and wicker.
This book is considered to be the bible of weaving......... available from us for $26.95 Cdn.

Shipping is extra and will be quoted at the time the order is phoned in.
To place an order please call the numbers below:
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Local Phone: 1-613-256-5195
               Toll Free: 1-866-315-1641